About the HTML5 Hive

We live in a post-pc world where people access the Internet and use apps from different types of devices: computers, phones, tablets, tv’s, cars – in order to build cool stuff for people today you need a cross-platform approach. This means, you need to be able to build software that runs in different proprietary platforms, screen sizes and hardware characteristics.

Zenva HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5, the latest revision of the Open Web Technologies (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) provides this capability and is increasingly more powerful when it comes to developing cross-platform applications for a post-pc world.

HTML5 Hive

The HTML5 Hive is a site that aims to deliver tools for people to bring that website/app/game idea into reality with a focus on web development and HTML5 applications.

At ZENVA, our goal is to provide you all the tools and knowledge you need to stop postponing your dreams and start coding that “hello world” project today and iterate from there.

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