How to use Inline CSS: Beginner’s Tutorial

How to use Inline CSS: Beginner's Tutorial

While HTML provides the essential structure and content of your website, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) provides the look and feel. Without CSS, modern websites would not function as they do. When developing a website, there are three ways to apply CSS styling: inline, internal, and external. The focus of this tutorial is to show you, … Read more

How to do an HTML Redirect: Beginner’s Tutorial

How to do an HTML Redirect: Beginner's Tutorial

The easiest way to automatically take your website visitors from an old URL to a new one is by using an HTML Redirect. Whether you’ve changed your domain name, restructured your website, or simply reorganized some of your web pages, avoiding the dreaded 404 Page-Not-Found error is paramount. Regardless of your reason for website changes, … Read more