Free Ebook – C# Programming for Human Beings

We are very excited to announce our new ebook C# Programming for Human Beings by Allan Carlos Claudino Villa, which covers the very basics of computer programming using Visual Studio. This book assumes no prior programming experience and it’s suitable for complete beginners. C# is one the most popular programming languages, used in different applications … Read more

Ansible Quickies – Useful Code Snippets

Delete a remote folders and files in Ansible file: path=/some-folder/some-subfolder state=absent   Sync files from a directory inside of another directory in Ansible synchronize: src=/home/fariazz/www/cursowordpress/wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen-child-zenva/ dest=/home/deideaaa/domains/ delete=yes   Execute bash code with Ansible. It gets executed with /bin/sh for you shell: /usr/local/bin/some-tool –some_par=some_value   Add a cron job if it doesn’t exist with Ansible cron: … Read more

WordPress Plugin Development Quickies – Useful Code Snippets

Wordpress Plugin Development Tutorial

This post is a collection of short but useful WordPress snippets. Become a professional WordPress Plugin developer Take our online course WordPress Plugin Development – Learn by Building 8 Plugins to gain all the skills you need to start creating your own WordPress Plugins with PHP. Get the blog name in WordPress: bloginfo( 'name' ); … Read more