Cloud based IDEs or desktop IDEs?


Cloud based IDEs or desktop IDEs? Technology reshapes itself every day and the result what we obtain is superiority in our lifestyle. Mainly it is software and apps that have taken over the market on a high note and there is an increasing pressure on technologists to develop something new with advancement of time. Thus, … Read more

SEO 101

seo beginners tutorial

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of Optimizing a Website or Webpage for Search Engines and in turn, a higher ranking within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Search Engine Optimization is a must for any website. Website visibility is a very competitive place- without the appropriate SEO Strategies, … Read more

How to Setup a Localhost

Localhost tutorial

Brief description In Web Development, a localhost is a local server environment in which we can test and use server side scripts on our computer. We can set-up our localhost environment with an Apache server application, MySQL and PHP. XAMPP If you are a Windows or Linux user, you can download and install XAMPP from … Read more

What is SEO

What is SEO, SEO Tutorial

Today, we are just going to talk about some of the basics of SEO and help you understand SEO and why it is important. An Introduction to SEO Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a site for search engines, so search engines are able to rank your site accordingly and therefore drive more … Read more