HTML5 Mobile App Development for Beginners

HTML5 Mobile App Development for Beginners

Have you ever thought of a cool idea for an app, just to find out later that some punk kid built it first and became a billionaire?

What if you could jump straight into iOS and Android app development using the tool set you already have: HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

We live in post-pc world where HTML5 and the Open Web technologies have become mature enough to create robust mobile applications for all platforms, sharing a single code base.

In this original ZENVA course, Ashley Menhennett, web and mobile developer, designer and technical author from Australia, is going to guide you though the basic techniques you need to know to create professional and beautiful mobile applications.

Through out the course, you’ll not only get access to foundational knowledge on mobile HTML5, but you’ll also build an augmented reality HTML5 app, featuring video camera access, photo shooting, geolocation using Google Maps API v.3, and AJAX loading of a JSON file with app data.

What you’ll learn in this course, among many other techniques:

  • Mobile HTML5 done right: viewport tag and grid layouts
  • CSS3 Media Queries, the foundation of the mobile web
  • Professional looking apps using Topcoat
  • LocalStorage to save user data offline
  • Working with AJAX and JSON, using jQuery 2.x
  • Accessing the device video camera and taking pictures using just HTML5!
  • Geolocation with Google Maps v.3 API
  • Creating an entire Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application
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Pablo Farias Navarro

Pablo is a web + mobile app developer and entrepreneur. Pablo is the founder of ZENVA. Besides teaching online how to create games, apps and websites to over 85,000 students, Pablo has created content for companies such as Amazon and Intel.ZENVA runs four development communities featuring game, web and mobile app development tutorials: Zenva Academy, GameDev Academy, HTML5 Hive (also known as "the hive"), and for Spanish speakers, De Idea A App.Pablo holds a Master in Information Technology (Management) degree from the University of Queensland (Australia) and a Master of Science in Engineering degree from the Catholic University of Chile. Specialized in web, mobile application and game development.

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