WordPress Plugin Development for Beginners, Build 8 Plugins

WordPress Plugin Development for Beginners, Build 8 Plugins

Over 26% of today’s websites are powered by WordPress and they all have one thing in common;  they use plugins.  Start learning to develop plugins for WordPress here. You will learn WordPress plugin development from scratch by developing 8 simple plugins that covers the art and science of WordPress plugins. Some of what you will learn … Read more

WordPress Plugin Development Quickies – Useful Code Snippets

Wordpress Plugin Development Tutorial

This post is a collection of short but useful WordPress snippets. Become a professional WordPress Plugin developer Take our online course WordPress Plugin Development – Learn by Building 8 Plugins to gain all the skills you need to start creating your own WordPress Plugins with PHP. Get the blog name in WordPress: bloginfo( 'name' ); … Read more

How to Create WordPress Dashboard Widgets

how to create wordpress dashboard widgets

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your very own custom WordPress dashboard widget- a widget that will be displayed on your Dashboard page upon logging into WordPress? To get started, add the following contents to the functions.php file in your current theme directory: <!–?php function dashboard_widget_function(){ # We are defining the dashboard widget function and … Read more